GJS123 - Malaysia 918kiss - Play Online Lottery Malaysia

    1st Prize 3,400 4,800 8,000 840 280
    2nd Prize 1,200 2,400 280
    3rd Prize 600 1,200 280
    Starter Prizes 250
    Consolation 80

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    • PMP
    • TOTO
    • SABAH

    4D Online Lottery Malaysia & Singapore - Play Malaysia 918Kiss at GJS123

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    Lottery & 4D

    The all-time favourable online lottery game in Malaysia is the 4-Digit or also known as 4D. This game has been cultured and played with at least with a hundred of years of history. The odds are generally played and selected a number from 0000 to 9999. Within the odds, you have anticipate or predict the winning 4 digit numbers ranging from 0 – 9 each digit, which sums it up to 40 denomination chances of getting your tickets won.

    Lottery Online

    Lottery online has been new and contemporary in the industrial market place. So, what are the perks of having to get your tickets online? There are plenty of benefits to enjoy having your 4D Tickets bought online:

    i) Extra Payout
    There are a slight difference in the payout for Lottery & 4D between online tickets and the tickets you acquire from local 4D teller such as Magnum, Toto, Da Ma Cai and many more. For example, 1B offers you 2500 and 1S offers you 3500 which totals up to RM6000 from the local licensed 4D teller. However, in SCR99, 1B offers you 3400 and 1S offers you 4800 which totals up to RM8200 for every RM2 you stake . That’s an additional RM2200!

    ii) Pay on the Spot
    In the local 4d tellers, if you had won a ticket. You’d probably want to cash your ticket on an working day. However, with the emerging growth and convenience of e-bankings, your prize are generally paid on the go. All 4D lottery tickets results are out at 7:30pm every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. You’d probably receive your cash at 7:31pm.

    iii) Convenience
    Back then, almost all 4d lottery players would have to go to any local 4D teller to purchase their 4D lottery tickets. Why waste the time and energy when we can bring the teller back to you at the comfort of your own place. 

    4D Prize Pool

    Big – 3400 & 1200 & 600
    Small – 4800 & 2400 & 1200
    4A – 8000
    A – 840
    ABC – 280
    Starter – 250